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Class First to Fifth

* Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation is done for each student. Students are assessed in Scholastic Areas through paper-pen tests, assignments, projects and other activities throughout the academic session. Students are also assessed in Co-Scholastic Areas . This too is an on going process.

*  The academic session has three terms. Each term has two cycles of weekly tests. Two tests SMQ and BTT will be conducted every week for all the students. The portion for each test is given to the student one week before the test.

*  Grades are awarded for the weekly tests, projects, group activities etc.

*  Children should not be sent to school on the test day if they are sick. They will be given grades based on their performance in the previous tests if they miss the test on account of sickness.

Class Sixth to Eighth

The assessment of students will be based on Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation that will be carried out throughout the year and includes Scholastic and Co-Scholastic Areas.

*  The academic session will be divided into Two Terms. The First Term will be from April-September and the Second Term from October to March of the subsequent year.

*  Each Term will have two Formative and one Summative Assessments.

*  Two tests SMQ and BTT will be conducted every week for all the students. The portion for each test is given to the student one week before the test.

*  CAT will be conducted only for boarders and day-scholar students enrolled for CTC (Career Through Classes).

The students will also be assessed in Co-Scholastic Areas throughout the session.

*  Assessment will be indicated in Grades.

*  The Grading Scale for the Scholastic areas is a 9 point scale and for Co-Scholastic areas a 5 point scale.

*  It is mandatory to appear in both the Summative Assessments during the academic year.

*  The weightage will be as follows:

First Term : FA1 (10%) + FA2 (10%) + SA1 (30%) = 50%

Second Term: FA3 (10%) + FA4 (10%) + SA2 (30%) = 50%

*  Students must obtain the qualifying Grade (minimum Grade D) in all the subjects under Scholastic and Co-Scholastic Areas.

Class Ninth to Twelfth

* CBSE guidelines are strictly followed for all Summative assessments in senior classes. Question papers sent by CBSE are implemented through randomized optimization.

* The marking schemes are also adhered to for all paper corrections. The promotion policy as suggested in the CCE format is completely adhered to. The students scoring a minimum of 25% in SA1+ SA2 and an overall D grade in each subject are only promoted from class IX to class X. Only a single chance of IOP is given to the students who are eligible for improvements of performance. Class X pattern is same as that of Class IX. But after conducting SA II the result is uploaded for CBSE to declare the result.

* Class XI promotion is strictly according to CBSE promotion policy. For Class XII, after the first term Exam, the pre board exams are conducted in December. Accordingly poor students are helped and guided throughout the month of January. Doubt clearing classes, discussion of question papers is done in the January. This prepares the students well for their Board exams. Remedial classes are held regularly during the Zero period in the month of July and August during the first term and in November and January in the second term.

Enhancement classes for the bright students are also planned during the same time.