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Principal Message

Respected Reader 

The students are that who want to raise their energy level and try to think in a critical way, and they want to live in a competitive India. So education continues to play a crucial role in the making of every nation strong for its development. “Nations are built in the educational institutions” says Dr. Radhakrishnan. By education we not only aim at teaching of some English, Science, Mathematics etc, it is much more. Education is imparting intellectual social, cultural and spiritual values to students aiming at giving a quality life so the thrust today is qualitative education for human excellence this responsibility shares name who is associated with the child in some way or the other. To impart this qualitative education to the young of today we need real qualitative parents, teachers, educators and institutions become dumb and mute, who else will be able to build our nation India? The future of our nation is in the hands of parents and teachers. All of us need to shoulder this indomitable responsibility by joining hands with one another to impart a true and genuine education to our young today.

We want our students to be the pride of our nation India. We want them to improve their quality of life. We want them to be the pride of their parents. We want them to earn for their bread and butter let these goals and aims be our target and focus. Thus providing opportunities for a qualitative change in children’s character, intellect, physique, self mastery, personality, self-esteem, purity of heart and mind and thus create a parson and atmosphere to contribute their best to make themselves qualitative citizens for ‘God and Country’. I only pray through Saint Ram Chandra of our school that we hit this target by making our education, lively spiritually sound and a qualitative one.

Mrs. Mansi Singhal
Principal (P. R. Public School)