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Co-Curricular Activities

"P. R. Public School focusses on pursuit of academic excellence but it does not compromise on the children all round development. The school has a rich assortment of co-curricular activities. A beautiful amphitheatre in the heart of the campus is equipped to stage In-House Place, Music and Dance workshop and performances as well as screen films. Sports are an integral part of school life."

Music and Dance

The school provides training to students in Instrumental or Vocal Music, as per their interest and capability. Students can further make a choice between learning to play Indian classical or Western musical instruments. Further, there is a provision for Dance rooms where the students are trained in various forms of dance.

Arts & Crafts Centre

P. R. Public School believes in bringing out the creative best in its pupils. The well equipped art and craft centre provides the required facilities and encourage the students to develop their skills and talents from early age.

Plays and Stage Activities

Various literary activity such as Dramatics, Elocution, Debates, Declamation, Public Speaking, Creative Writing, Plays etc. are conducted time to time.

Trips and Excursions

Adventure Activities Trekking, camping, etc. are the regular activities for our boys and girls. These will be organised regularly in association with reputed world class travel agencies, immaterial of the charges, for imparting hands on knowledge to the students. Trips are also organized to different famous places.

Sports and Yoga

For a child holistic development P. R. Public School emphasizes on the physical fitness of the student and spirit of team work and sportsmanship. School has facility of various indoor and outdoor sports. Table Tennis, basketball, badminton. Chess, Carom etc. Session will be provided for Yoga in the school.

House System

To work for effective management of school activities, discipline and foster the spirit of espirit de corps the school has established a house system. Each student is allocated one of the four houses. The names of the houses are UNITY, LIBERTY, EQUALITY and JUSTICE signifying the vital elements of a civilize society. Many Inter house activity are held in the school.