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Learning Cycle

The academic approach that we follow at P. R. Public School ensures that the learning cycle of a student is completed in school itself.

Learning cycle has four stages : (we call it Cycle)

RECEPTION: It means listening and understanding of the students to the lectures delivered to them. Good teachers at P. R. Public School make student more receptive.

REHEARSE: At P. R. Public School we make students rehearse the topic taught in the class in academic workshops.

 RETENTION: Weekly tests motivate students to memorize not only the concept taught in particular week but also in previous weeks .As 50% of the syllabus in CAT is from the topics covered in previous weeksThis increases the retention power of students.

REPRODUCTION: Students reproduces the knowledge acquired by them throughout the week in their weekly exams.

P. R. Public School

The performance of the student in test improves with academic workshops and gradually their memorizing skill also improves.

Good performance in exams motivates the student towards studies and he becomes more receptive in class.